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Business process automation services

Services for the automation of complex business processes, information protection, and support of various types of information systems, including the transfer of tax data and the connection of merchants to acquiring.

Tax data transfer services

The Tax Data Agent OFD-YA (“ОФД-Я”) was created on the basis of one of the largest IT companies (YARUS, OOO (“OOO Ярус”)), specializing in the automation of complex business processes, information protection, and support of information systems of any complexity. YARUS was founded in 2009 and is a professional in big data and support for business processes.

OFD-YA was among the first in Russia to obtain permission to process tax data and to be listed in the Federal Tax Service Registry.


Pre-processing center, developer and integrator of the service for accepting bank cards “Positron” (“Позитрон”) – provides a ready-made solution for cashless payments to retail, transport, financial, and other companies.

Together with the manufacturers of cash registers, creates integrated solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that solve all the issues of accepting cashless payments (acquiring) – from a simplified connection procedure (independent of turnover) to further service of business processes.

Online cash registers for e-commerce

An innovative service for renting online cash registers for the e-commerce sector – Orange Data was developed jointly by SHTRIH-M and PayKiosk.

It is an unprecedented service, offering not only internet cash registers but also their maintenance, secure data storage in its own data center, and round-the-clock 24/7 support.

Orange Data allows monitoring the status of cash registers, track the number of transactions and peak loads. The service is integrated with more than 20 popular payment systems and CMS platforms.

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