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Comprehensive parking space equipment

Full development and production cycle of all equipment elements with regard to Russian climate and consumer specifics. Parking systems of different scale and purpose: for airports, railway stations, entertainment and business centers, street, service parking and hotels. Development and production of bike rental services.

Roadside parking systems

Roadside parking systems allow streamlining the urban parking space to ensure the most efficient use of the street and road network.

Parking systems “SHTRIH-M” have a single control center, parking terminals for customer identification and payment acceptance, photo-video violation detection complexes, information boards, parking space occupancy monitoring system.

Flat parking systems

Flat parking systems are the ideal solution for the use of parking space at airports, railway stations, shopping and entertainment centers. Our projects have been implemented in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, as well as countries near and far abroad.

Due to flexibility of the software it is possible to organize different configurations of parking systems with the required number of entries and exits. STRICH-M” builds and installs turnkey parking complexes.

Bike Parking

Bicycle rentals with automatic parking stations are the most popular technology in Europe or the United States. Thanks to STRICH-M, it is now available in Russia as well. In 2014, the company developed the Velobike system; now the complex has 4,500 bicycles at 450 stations.

The “Velobike” terminal for bike rental services is used to pay for rent, top up transport cards, and reference information about parking. The devices are equipped with solar panels, which makes it possible not to depend on the city’s power supply system.

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