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Chinese virus is not a threat for SHTRIH-M deliveries and prices

Interruptions in the supply of components from China to Russian enterprises will not affect in any way the delivery times and the price of SHTRIH-M finished products.

A number of Russian developers and suppliers of commerce equipment have already announced an increase in prices for key commodity items, the cancellation of marketing campaigns, and possible difficulties with supplies until “the situation with the production and supply of goods from China stabilizes.”

SHTRIKH-M Group of Companies does not expect any product shortages and price revision in the foreseeable future. The president of the Group of Companies Andrey Zhuravlev explained: “Yes, we use some components made in China, like almost all players of the electronic products sector do, but unlike most of these players, we produce all our equipment – from online cash registers to tachographs and chargers for electric vehicles – ourselves, at our own production plants in Russia. All four SHTRIKH-M plants in the Central Federal District are now fully loaded and provided with the necessary components.”

All deliveries to the Company’s partners in the regions are carried out in the same volumes and within the agreed time frame. “We have a stock of ready-made equipment, including scales, scanners, and all popular models of online cash registers, the warehouse is ready for shipment anywhere in the country,” said Fedor Denisov, Director of the SHTRIKH-M Trading House.

*The sanitary restrictions in the PRC imposed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus have led to the halt or significant reduction of production processes at many enterprises. In addition, the procedures for registering non-food items from China have become more complicated, and the logistics has also changed. Therefore, Russian companies are also facing some difficulties.

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