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Public transport fee payment system in Kaliningrad developed by SHTRIH-M

SHTRIH-M has finished implementing an integrated public transport fee payment system in Kaliningrad.

The implementation of the project lasted for a year. At the first stage, a processing and clearing center was launched and 600 SHTRIH-CART-F (“ШТРИХ-КАРТ-Ф”) mobile terminals were supplied to all (municipal and private) carriers in the city. They allow accepting all types of payments – cash, any bank cards, and after installing specialized software, it became possible to pay for travel with the VOLNA BALTIKI (“Волна Балтики”) transport card too.

At the next stages, all public transport, including trolleybuses and trams, were equipped with stationary SHTRIH T2M-PS (“ШТРИХ Т2М-PS”) validators (about 600 units in total) with functions for accepting bank and transport cards and ticket printing. The terminals transfer information to the “cloud cashier”, where all transactions are taxed; the validator prints a ticket with a QR code that entitles a passenger to receive a fiscal receipt.

The unified fee payment system in Kaliningrad has solved a range of problems: transparency of payments, ensuring accounting for subsidized categories of passengers, full control of transport operations, allowing for better traffic management. In addition, thanks to stationary terminals, the Municipal State Enterprise MKP KALININGRAD-GORTRANS (“Калининград-ГорТранс”) has optimized its staff: a number of routes are now operating without a conductor.

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