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SHTRIH-M continues to supply parcel terminals for OZON.ru

Another thousand of self-service devices have left the factory conveyor and are being shipped to the customer for installation at pick-up points in all regions of the country.

Parcel terminal is a self-service device for receiving parcels and goods from online stores and postal catalogs. Orders delivered by a courier are stored in special built-in cells. The automated terminal allows providing online customers with a comfortable service: the order is received in a convenient place, the procedure itself takes only a few minutes, the service can be used 24/7, and, which is quite important under the current circumstances, this delivery method cuts unnecessary contacts.

Own developers and production of SHTRIH-M allow meeting any specifications of customers: changing the number and size of cells, connecting an additional delivery stand, installing an advertisement monitor in the side panel or on the roof of the parcel terminal. At the same time, the operation of the terminals is not causing any difficulties – the software of the SHTRIH-M products is integrated with the accounting systems most common among end users.
Besides, the SHTRIH-M plant in Kovrov ensures full compliance with the corporate identity of the clients, for OZON.ru, for example, these are colors – “digital blue” and expressive crimson.

*The use of parcel terminals is a current trend in recent years, and has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent weeks. According to Ozon, only since the beginning of March, every fourth order has been made using the contactless delivery method. In December 2019, every sixth parcel was picked up through the parcel terminals.

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