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SHTRIH-M takes part in the project Saint Petersburg of Tomorrow

The Commissions for Industry, Economics, and Entrepreneurship of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg presented the Transport Ecosystem “SMART CITY”. Developer – ANIKOM (“АНИКОМ”) Group of Companies (“The Alliance of National Innovative Companies”). It is a joint venture of SHTRIKH-M Group of Companies and AISA IT SERVICE (“АИСА ИТ Сервис”).
The transport ecosystem will be a continuation and development of the Integrated Information System for the management of suburban and passenger transport in the northern capital. The main goal of the project is to bring the work of public transport in full compliance with the needs of citizens and to create a single digital platform for passengers.

The project of restructuring the transport interchange infrastructure includes all aspects of a modern metropolis: intercepting parking lots and garages, adjustment of the work of urban public transport, sharing services, creating a single transport interface with separate services for car owners, passengers, drivers, and integrating it into a single information system within the common platform of the “Smart City”. Existing systems and urban services will be combined into a single network, taking into account modern information security requirements.

Such system will allow to automate and digitize the processes of the transport industry, increase the level of transport accessibility, improve the efficiency of transport enterprises, and save budget funds.

The “Smart City” project is implemented within the framework of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” and the National Program “Digital Economics”.

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