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Four SHTRIH-M plants in the Central Federal District are equipped with surface mount technology lines, CNC metal-working machines, automated painting lines, and assembly shops.

A new level of quality of manufactured products, an increase in production volumes and a decrease in costs were achieved through the modernization of the sheet metal processing shop at the plant in Kovrov with an automated Salvagnini line. Almost any type of material is processed, including plastics, aluminum, copper, and bronze.

Laser cutting

The most advanced and promising method for cutting sheet materials. Cutting is carried out by a focused laser beam of adjustable power, thus ensuring a high-quality, smooth cutting surface.


We use only modern coordinate punching presses, which provides almost complete automation of all processes. Our machines allow processing metals without any limitation to the size and shape of holes. We do cutting, punching, forming, and perforation.

Metal forming

Metal forming allows obtaining from a flat workpiece a finished product without seams and joints. This is a huge advantage for production since the seams on welding products are often the most vulnerable point, they are most susceptible to corrosion, hence, jeopardizing the integrity of the product.


Electronically controlled machines provide significantly higher accuracy and surface quality compared to universal machines.

Therefore, complex and precise milling of metal is nowadays performed exclusively on CNC machines.

Turning work

Lathes allow horizontal, vertical, and universal turning. To produce pieces of complex shape and geometry. This is a universal possibility to create any bodies of revolution.

Powder painting

Represented by two automated powder coating lines equipped with automatic paint spraying and a three-stage chemical surface priming system with preliminary phosphating of the metal surface. The lines are equipped with quick paint change systems.

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