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Self-service terminals

Development and production of self-service terminals, including ticket machines for the metro and railways, terminal stations for sending and receiving small parcels, as well as information booths for shopping malls, railway stations, and public halls.

Ticket machines

Modern multifunctional ticket machines are designed specifically for the needs of the customer, taking into account all the necessary stages. This includes the development of a concept, software, design, as well as designing, production on own factory lines and subsequent technical support.

Projects implemented in the Moscow metro, Central Suburban Passenger Company CPPK, AEROEXPRESS Airport shuttles have confirmed the reliability of ticket machines, which have proven their efficiency even under high-intensity conditions.

Parcel terminals

Own state-of-the-art production allows SHTRIH-M to develop and manufacture Parcel terminals (PickPoint) to comply with any specification. Modular design and the possibility of choosing a set of cells ensures the most efficient use of the retail space.

This high-tech solution for delivery using terminal stations is becoming an alternative to courier service – the process of receiving and paying for goods does not take more than a minute.

Information booths

SHTRIH-M offers floor- and wall-mounted information booths of its own design and production in an anti-vandal case with a protected touch screen.

Floor-standing information booths are especially in demand in shopping malls, railway stations, public halls – in interactive navigation systems and digital signage, they can be used as a multimedia center. Wall-mounted information booths allow providing brief information on the price and the exact name of the commodity without the help of a sales assistant.

Chargers for electric vehicles

SHTRIKH-M Group of Companies is conquering a new area – creation of infrastructure for electric vehicles. The SHTRIH-CHARGER line of charging stations became the first in a series of equipment and software complex.

The main advantages of electric vehicles – zero emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and the minimal level of noise in the nearest future will make this type of transport the dominant road traffic participant. The transition to environmentally friendly cars requires the development of special infrastructure and, first of all, a network of refilling stations.

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