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Solutions for operation within the labeling system

SHTRIH-M is an official partner of the Center for Development of Advanced Technologies (CDAT) – an operator of a digital labeling and commodities tracking system – and a participant of pilot projects for the implementation of labeling, acting as a supplier of cash register systems, equipment, and software.

Writing off loggers for medicines

SHTRIKH-M Group of Companies – the developer and manufacturer of writing off loggers. This device is equal to an online cash register and is the essential component of monitoring the movement of medicines – it is designed to ensure the registration of writing off and sending data on the withdrawal of pharmaceutical products from circulation to the National Labeling Information System. This operation is carried out when the medicine is dispensed on a subsidized (free) prescription and allows obtaining detailed information about the movement of the package, making its further circulation impossible.

Commerce equipment and labeling software

A unified national system of labeling and traceability of goods in Russia will cover almost all consumer products by 2024. This will ensure efficient combat of illegal traffic, protect legal businesses and consumers.
SHTRIKH-M, as an active participant of all experiments on the implementation of the labeling system, has prepared and recommends proven solutions: online cash registers, bar-code scanners, software – everything that any player in the circulation of labeled commodities might need to work within the system.

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