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Commerce equipment and automation

“SHTRIH-M” (“ШТРИХ-М”) TM products – automated equipment for commerce and multifunctional software that have demonstrated their excellent performance and efficiency under the most versatile operation conditions: from small business enterprises and shops to industrial corporate groups and hypermarkets.

Electronic equipment for commerce

“SHTRIH-M” (“ШТРИХ-М”) TM commerce equipment are technical solutions for commerce and service sectors that substantially simplify interaction with customers.

A wide range of high-quality electronic equipment for commerce: bar-code scanners, online cash registers, cash register terminals, scales, label printers, etc. Ready-to-use sets are perfectly suited both for small points-of-sale and hypermarket networks.


A full range of specialized product accounting software for retail trade, services and catering, as well as software designed to automate the work of cashiers, waiters, bartenders, receptionists, and other operators that register of sales of goods and services.

SHTRIH-M: CASHIER 5 (“Штрих-М: Кассир 5”), ilexx lite, product accounting software line SHTRIH-M: TRADE BUSINESS 5 (“Штрих-М: Торговое предприятие 5”), SHTRIH-M: TRADE BUSINESS 7 (“Штрих-М: Торговое предприятие 7”) have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is maximally convenient for staff training and operation.

Online cash registers

Сash register systems are an essential equipment that allows reduction of costs in business, improves commercial infrastructure and operation processes.

All “SHTRIH-M” (“ШТРИХ-М”) online cash registers comply with the latest business and legal requirements, e.g., acquiring and compulsory labeling.

Online cash register rental

Tax data recorder rental service offers turnkey сash register equipment: registration in the Federal Tax Service and at Tax Data Agent, connection, configuration, and technical support. Upgrades required to accompany legislative changes, replacement of out-of-order cash registers.

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