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Our team

Our collaborators are professionals that combine an enthusiasm with experience – active, creative, and devoted individuals.

Our team is ready to overcome difficulties of any complexity. A success of each single collaborator is an integral part of the success of the company as a whole.

Andrey Zhuravlyev

President of "ShTRIH-M" Group of Companies,
General Director of "ShTRIH-M" JSC

Valentina Usachyeva

Deputy General Director for Transport Automation

Evgeniya Elizarova

Executive Director

Tatyana Bulavina

GR Advisor

Elena Zhuravlyeva

PR Advisor

Dmitriy Sinitsyn

City projects

Mikhail Rubaylov

Director of the company "FedTech"

Fyedor Denisov

Director of Trading House «SHTRIH-M»

Dmitriy Yanin

Corporate clients/trade networks

Vyacheslav Krasnoselskiy

Weighing technology

Pavel Bogdanov

Parking lots

Sergey Agapov

Self-service systems

Aleksey Polyanskikh

Transportation automation systems

Marat Grishenko


Natalya Khaleeva

Tachographic maps

Aleksandr Baydakov

State customers

Andrey Sinyutin

State customers

Anton Krasnobaev

Director of the company "VMC"

Andrey Vyurkov

Deputy General Director for Production

Dmitriy Kovalev

Technical Director

Marina Razbitnova

Head of Legal Department

Tatyana Uvarova

Head of Internal Control and Audit

Olga Shibina

Head of Expertise

Anna Vostrikova

Head of Design

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