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The Group of Companies SHTRIH-M

The Group of Companies SHTRIH-M is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of high-tech equipment, business automation systems, integrated solutions for transport and organization of urban space, social sphere, and other sectors of the economy.

A union of a group of fellows – graduates of the Department of Microprocessor Devices of Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 1987 on the basis of the Science and Technology Centre IZMERITEL (“Измеритель”) has grown into a large group of companies that designs advanced innovative products.

A.I. Zhuravlev, CEO of SHTRIH-M Group of Companies

«Our own advanced production and the work of creative people using future-oriented technologies – this is our key to guarantee a high level of equipment quality that meets the highest international standards and remain a supplier of high-class engineering solutions.

Today, the main goal of SHTRIKH-M Group of Companies is to reach a qualitatively new level allowing us to compete with leading foreign technology companies while preserving the best Russian traditions.»

Our team

Nowadays, SHTRIKH-M Group of Companies employs more than a thousand of collaborators. Most of our specialists have graduated from the best technical universities of the country and many of them besides their work also conduct scientific research in technical areas.

This allows solving tasks of any complexity and ensures a full production cycle – from design to final product. The ideas of our engineers, software developers, and designers are put into life on our own factory assembly lines, where the products get their finished appearance and prior to be delivered to the consumer.

Innovation and technology

Traditions, looking for and challenging the future; a unique philosophy and a creative approach – these are the guiding principles of SHTRIKH-M Group of Companies.

The long-term success of the company is ensured by its versatility and modernity – we analyze innovative future trends and take part in new technological research and development. We define new business opportunities creating the technology of tomorrow.


Four SHTRIH-M plants in the Central Federal District are equipped with surface mount technology lines, CNC metal-working machines, automated painting lines, and assembly shops.

A new level of quality of manufactured products, an increase in production volumes and a decrease in costs were achieved through the modernization of the sheet metal processing shop at the plant in Kovrov with an automated Salvagnini line. Here, almost any type of material is processed, including plastics, aluminum, copper, and bronze.


Работа в нашей компании — это возможность проявить себя в одной из самых интересных и перспективных отраслей — создании технологичных решений для городской экосистемы.

Мы приглашаем в команду надежных и образованных людей, как уже опытных, так и молодых, только подающих надежды — интересные задачи и возможности для профессионального развития найдутся для каждого.

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