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Nizhnevartovsk counts passengers

The Department of Public Communications of the Administration of the city of Nizhnevartovsk published on its official website the news that, as part of the development program for the 100 largest cities, a project for an integrated modernization of public transport has been launched in Nizhnevartovsk. The program includes optimization of the route network, transport connections for different types of transport, coordination of traffic schedules, and the implementation of an electronic ticket.

The comprehensive management of the project lies with STROY INVEST PROJECT, OOO (“OOO Строй Инвест Проект”). SHTRIH-M Group of Companies acted as a subcontractor and installed a system for passenger counting of its own production on 10 full-sized three-door buses.

Passenger counters based on stereoscopic video cameras accurately identify passengers entering and leaving the vehicle, and together with the passenger payment system previously installed on these vehicles, they provide the dispatch office and the bus driver with detailed information about those who paid the fare, promptly informing passengers about the need to do the payment.

Information about passenger flow and its intensity is of utmost importance for the adjustment of the city’s route network. Before installing passenger counters, the project curator had to hire specialists who manually counted passengers on each individual bus, which led to a number of difficulties, including with the accuracy of counting.

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