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SHTRIH-M becomes JYSK partner in cash register systems supply in Russia

JYSK is an international chain of stores, a large retailer from Denmark. Today, the JYSK Group of Companies unites more than 2900 stores in 51 countries of the world. The range of products in the stores comprises household goods: furniture, mattresses, decor, textiles, and accessories.

The first JYSK store in Moscow was opened on 3 June 2020 in the Troyka shopping mall, in parallel, an online store was also launched in the Russian domain zone.

Cooperation of SHTRIH-M and JYSK began several years ago, even before the opening of the first store in Russia. The Danish office of the company was analyzing the cash register systems market in Russia and among the considered models, the tax data recorder ELVES-FR-F (“ЭЛВЕС-ФР-Ф2”) was selected as the most suitable and meeting the tight requirements of the JYSK network standards.

In 2020, SHTRIH-M on the rights of a partner – supplier of cash register systems took part in the preparation for the opening of the first shops in Russia. Launching of the firsh shops was a success. JYSK was steadfast in its decision of active development, and, despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic, by the end of the year three more stores were opened in Moscow, each of which was equipped with ELVES-FR-F tax data recorder.

These cash registers were chosen by the retailer by no coincidence, thanks to an impressive collection of interfaces in the basic configuration, ELVES-FR-F is excellent in dealing with heavy loads during rush hours, whereas a wide cash register roll allows placing a large amount of information about the product, including promotions and special offers for customers.

Cooperation between SHTRIH-M the JYSK chain continues, the plans for the development of the network in 2021 are to open nine more stores in major cities of Russia, and up to 200 points-of-sale in the next 10-15 years.

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